RIPExpress is a fast, reliable and highly versatile software RIP based on Adobe’s Configurable PostScript Interpreter (CPSI) giving the full PostScript 3 implementation with the ability to handle the latest PDF files. RIPExpress combines optimum performance with an exclusive graphical user interface for ease of use and is available on Sun platforms running Solaris and PC Server platforms running 2003 onwards. It can be used to drive a large variety of output recorders.

The benefits of PostScript 3 include the ability to directly RIP Adobe Acrobat PDF files, improve the quality of vignettes using shaded fills and improve quality and performance on certain PostScript 2 files by using Idiom Recognition. Adobe Acrobat 8.0 PDF 1.7 files are fully supported. In-RIP Trapping is available as an option on the Windows platform.

Various halftone screening technologies are available including Adobe Accurate Screens, Harmony Screens for improved quality, Adobe Brilliant Screens for FM screening and Escor III screens providing 4096 grey levels for improved vignettes or graduated tints.

RIPExpress allows the user to bring up a colour preview of spooled high resolution output bitmap files which can be sent to a colour proofer for further analysis prior to the final typesetter output.

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