Editorial Organiser

The future of newsroom management. Our interest in the digital news world and our passion for up-to-date news in all channels are reflected in our alfa EditorialOrganiser. Like a smart folder it keeps everything together which belongs together. Topics can be defined, assigned and tracked. All common formats can be stored, edited media neutral and published in the desired channel with a few clicks. The scheduling and operational planning helps to make the best use of the editorial team – from the freelancer up to the photographer and the editor-in-chief.


  • All editorial content always in view: The alfa EditorialOrganiser is THE platform for your content
  • Media-independent planning, media-specific publishing: Publish in only a few working steps
  • No copies, no doubles: Users always work with variants
  • Full functionality at any location: Work in the browser rather than having to install on the computer
  • Optimal use of the editorial team: The scheduling and operational planning is integrated
  • Automatic enrichment with additional information: Content is tagged and categorized
  • Workflow support for the newsroom: Efficient search, context information during writing
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