Internet ad booking powered by Adboss provides 24/7 self-service, online facilities for both private and trade customers to create, edit and view their own advertisements for print and online publishing using a powerful array of templates that allow flexible ad creation with facilities to upload photos etc.

The publisher’s sales reps or agents can book display adverts, using an extensive range of templates or reserve space bookings. This is done using the AdBoss browser interface from any device connected to the web or within your network. This enables your sales people to stay out on the road doing what they do best; releasing them from the need to return to the office to place bookings or fill in dockets.

Selecting products both print and digital is a simple and easy process. The process includes deadline controlled appearance dates and rate table calculations that incorporate additional sell up features allowing you to monetise self-service and secure payments with integration to your chosen payment gateways.

An optional feature of Internet ad booking is a “marketplace” module, placing your adverts on a searchable advertising platform with features such as geo-location of where items are for sale as well as facilities to e-mail advertisers directly.

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