AdCounter is a complete online advertising solution for corporate or private customers. All kinds of ads can be created, booked, produced and paid for using the Internet. This means ads can be placed 24/7. The application is designed to be easy to use, by anyone at anytime. Templates can be configured with an individual company’s typography, classifications, price models and production parameters. Booked ads are seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure with finished PDF ads delivered to the production system and invoicing information passed to the accounts system.

Each AdCounter system is configurable for each media company’s individual needs e.g. branding, typography, classifications, price models and production parameters. It caters for all kinds of ads using a database of user-defined templates for car sales, house sales etc.

•Booking and paying for an ad is very straightforward;
•Choose a classification type
•Select the date or dates from the calendar
•Select the ad design from the templates
•Enter the text and/or image, a preview of the ad is displayed
•Revise the style/contents if required
•Review order details including costs
•Create a PDF proof, (if required)
•Finally, accept the booking and make the payment