The Accelero CTP images from computer directly to plate at speeds of up to 100 plates per hour. The CTP images plates at 7 selectable resolutions; 1016, 1200, 1270, 1524, 1800, 2400 and 2540 dpi, using a 120 mW violet laser diode. It has a straight through, flatbed design with opto-mechanical alignment and plate positioning system ensuring repeatability of ± 25 microns

The Accelero accepts printing plates from sizes as small as 305mm x 381mm up to 635mm x 914mm. Plate thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 0.4mm. The Accelero can be integrated with the PrintExpress system to provide a complete pre-press workflow system, or it can be connected directly to either the RIPExpress or PrintExpress RIPs. It is also available with either a LaserBus interface.

The Accelero CTP can be integrated with an optional autoloader to provide automated plate handling. The autoloader monitors the status of the CTP and loads the next plate as soon as imaging is complete. The autoloader automatically detects and remove slip sheets, without exposing the plates and without any loss in performance.

The Accelero CTP requires a yellow safelight environment.